Animals and Roof Damage

Mar 15, 2022

Have you heard weird sounds coming from your ceiling at night or noticed pieces of your roof crumbling or coming apart? If these signs have been appearing at your house, you may have an unwelcome visitor invading your roof every day. While weather challenges are something homeowners prepare for, we rarely remember to watch for critters that can also intrude our homes. However, animals can cause significant damage without meaning to, leading to expensive repairs. This is why you need to be ready to guard your home against animals.

What Animal Is on My Roof?

Animals are drawn to roofs because they provide shelter for them as resting places throughout the night or a safe space to hide out during storms. Any animal that can climb or fly has the chance of making it onto your roof or into your attic. The most common animals you may find include mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, possums, birds, insects, and bats. These are all critters that seek the warm, dark, and protective space our roof offers.

Roof Damage from Animals

Wild animals have their way of getting in whether that’s tunneling through vents, chewing open holes, or coming in through gaps. While they aren’t intentionally trying to tear up the space, a destroyed roof is usually the result. Once animals make it inside a home, they can use their sharp teeth and claws to tear up insulation, electric wiring, wooden boards, etc. They’ll leave behind their droppings, any nesting material, and even food that they’re trying to hide. Birds that are trying to nest can block your gutters or damage the overall structure by blocking the airflow of attic spaces. Over time, this buildup of animal activity can lead to extensive problems.

You’ll find that the lifespan of your roof is shortened once animals call it their home and expect to find damaged masonry, loose tiles on the roof, uncovered chimneys, or leaks.

How to Keep Animals Away from Roof

While you can’t tell an animal to stay away, you can take some steps to make your home harder to access and less appealing. Be sure to regularly trim trees and bushes around your home. These are easy access points for animals to get to your roof from and removing them can make it more difficult to leap from a tree branch onto your house.

In addition, keep your trash contained to keep from attracting pests. Clear your gutters regularly and fit in chimney and attic inspections every so often to check for unwanted animals. This also helps you keep tabs on any new holes that may be appearing or new damage to the roof. If you find anything, get it patched up as soon as you can so it doesn’t get worse.

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