How To Know Your Roof Needs Repairs

Sep 17, 2021

A stable roof is one of the most vital parts of any Georgia home. Your roof protects you and your family from water damage, hail, wind, and more. That is why when you encounter a roof problem, it is crucial to fix it immediately.

But you do not want to try to patch up your roof yourself. Instead, hire a professional roofer that knows what they are doing to handle your roofing issues.

Superior Roofing Company of Georgia is a team of roofing experts in the Atlanta Metro area. We provide first-class roofing repairs to Georgia residents to ensure their safety. Our team knows the ins and outs of roof repair and completes tasks efficiently.

How To Know When You Need a New Roof

Several situations may call for you to hire a roofer. If you experience any of the following signs, contact us immediately.

Curved Shingles

Shingles are a critical component of your roof. They prevent water from entering your home and protect you and your family from environmental damage. When you notice any deformity in your shingles, it is time for a replacement.

Curved shingles are a sign that your shingles are outdated. If you ignore the problem, water may enter your home, carrying many health and safety risks.

Ceiling and Wall Stains

Sometimes, you can diagnose a roof problem by things you see inside your home. If your walls or ceilings are water-stained, that could indicate that water is entering your home from your roof.

Water damage can be expensive to repair. Plus, it can promote mold growth, which can cause respiratory issues and potential death.

Increase in Energy Bills

Another indicator you may require roofing repairs is if you see increases in your energy bills. For instance, you may be using your HVAC system more often because your home is abnormally humid or chilly.

However, this may not mean that your HVAC system has a problem. Instead, it could indicate that you have a leaky roof that is letting air and moisture into your home.

Other signs of roof damage include sagging, leaks, and wear and tear. Our talented team can resolve all of these issues for you.

What We Do

The roofing experts at Superior Roofing Company of Georgia can diagnose and resolve your roofing problems promptly. Our contractors work on hundreds of Atlanta area homes each year and are familiar with all sorts of roofing systems and roofing materials such as asphalt, metal, rubber, and steel. We also provide roof replacement services in addition to our roofing repairs.

Contact Us if You Encounter Signs of Roof Damage

You can start the process by scheduling an appointment with us, and we will send our best contractors to inspect your roof and formulate a solution.
If your Atlanta home encounters roof damage, do not hesitate to call Superior Roofing Company of Georgia at 770-279-2621 for roofing repairs or roof replacement services. You can also send us a message using our online form.