Leaking Roof? 5 Crucial Steps to Prevent Damage Before a Professional Arrives

Jan 24, 2023

damaged house with leaking roof in need of shingle replacementIf you’ve noticed your home has a leaking roof, don’t panic! You’ve completed the first step of discovering that there’s an issue, and now you can focus on moving onto quickly getting it resolved.

Promptly contacting a professional to come to your home to begin repairs is crucial. In the meantime, taking care of your roof before a professional arrives can sometimes help reduce the cost or extent of repairs, and prevent the water damage from spreading.

Hello saving money, goodbye leaky roof! Below are five steps that you should take immediately to avoid further damage from a leaking roof while you wait for the pros to arrive:

*These steps should only be followed if it’s safe to do so. Don’t do anything that can worsen the situation, or cause harm to yourself or others.

1. Identify the Source of Leaking

There are many places where leaks tend to occur, and knowing where to look can be the difference between a water-logged roof and a minor drip of water. So, where do you start?

Common places leaks are likely to occur are:

  • Around chimneys
  • Flashing on the roof
  • Around skylights and dormers
  • Joints between walls, ceilings and roofs
  • Areas of missing shingles or tiles

2. Stop the Spread

Identifying where the leak is happening is just the tip of the iceberg. From there, you must take the necessary precaution of stopping it before it can do further damage. There are multiple ways to take action, and we don’t want to leave you hanging.

Try these methods to stop the leaking:

  • Repair any exposed nails or screws protruding through wood, shingles and other materials.
  • Place a bucket or basin directly underneath the leaking area in order to catch any excess water.
  • Cover the area with plastic sheeting or tarps to help protect from weather conditions. 

3. Dry Out Any Damaged Areas

That newly found leak that’s been causing your headaches needs to get dry in order to avoid migraine-inducing damage from occurring. Use towels or absorbent material to soak up the leaking water, and turn on fans and dehumidifiers to help with the drying process.

4. Inspect for Further Damage

Oftentimes, leaking roofs can cause further damage beyond what is visible to the human eye. Be diligent and take a closer look, inspecting for any underlying issues. During your inspection, make sure to check areas such as shingles, tiles, and flashing that may need repair or replacement. This can help the professionals to know where to start and can potentially speed up the repair process.

You never know when a leak can be hiding behind the scenes!

5. Leave the Repairs to a Professional Roofing Company

This may come with no surprise, but enlisting a professional for roof repairs is always a surefire way to get the job done right. Most of the time, a roof that is leaking can be a nightmare to try and fix without proper training or experience. That’s why it never hurts to contact a professional roofing company in order to take care of your leaking roof.

Leaking Roof Be Gone with Superior Roofing Company

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