What to do About Wind Damage to Your Roof

Aug 13, 2021

While roofs can resist harsh weather and storms, year after year, the shingles can wear down and become more susceptible to damage. When the weather is unpleasant and the wind is strong, the deterioration to your roof can be severe.

So how can storms impact your roofing structure, and more importantly, what should you do about wind damage to your roof?

How Can Wind Demolish Roofs?

Windstorms can be pretty disastrous. Some roofs can handle strong winds, up to 90mph, and in cities prone to hurricanes, roofs can handle even stronger winds.

Your roof’s layout affects the likelihood of wind damage. For example, homes with ceilings are more susceptible to damage than those with hip roofing systems. Also, specific areas of the roof, such as eaves and corners, are prone to scratches. The installation and materials used may also impact the roof’s resilience. Poor-quality or thin shingles and tiles can make it more vulnerable to peeling in a windstorm.

While the wind itself is destructive, what it carries is a higher threat. Some storms may bring hail, debris, or cause trees to uproot and land on top of your house.

How to Detect Roof Damage from Wind

After a windstorm, you should carefully inspect for roof damage from wind.

If you notice any of the following signs, it means the roofing structure has been compromised, and you need to consult with a local roofing contractor for the storm damage repair.

●      Visible shingle deterioration

●      Thin granules on the shingles

●      Water damage to your ceiling

●      Tree branches and trash on the roof

Some winds can destroy your shingles without tearing them off. During the inspection, if the shingle starts flapping, it means it is unsealed and needs immediate repair. Make sure to pay attention to metal flashing around the chimney and look for missing flashing to avoid even bigger and more expensive damage. Don’t forget to check vents and exterior pipes for visible wear.

What to do When Winds Damage the Roofing Structure

If there is visible damage to your roof, the roofing contractor will evaluate the roofing structure and document the situation. If necessary, the contractor will take photos to show proof of the damage and provide a written description of the required repairs, together with a cost estimate.

Next, you should find out what your homeowners’ insurance covers in terms of wind damage to roof. Ensure you check the roofing contractor and the manufacturer’s warranty, as they may also come into play.

Dealing with roof damage can be overwhelming. You need a reliable contractor who can guide you through the process and make sure you get quick and quality roof repair at a reasonable price.

At Superior Roofing Company of Georgia, we have years of experience dealing with storm damage repair. So, whenever you need help, you can trust our knowledgeable team to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. Get a free estimate for wind damage to your roof by calling 770-279-2621 today.