What’s the Process for Replacing a Roof?

Apr 15, 2022

Our roof wasn’t meant to last forever and we as homeowners know that there will come a day when our roof needs to be replaced. Regardless of the kind of roof we have, the replacement process is going to follow similar steps. While it is best to call in professionals to get the job done, it is always useful to have enough background knowledge to understand what goes on and how to communicate your thoughts and concerns. We’re here to walk you through the step-by-step process for replacing a roof.

Steps for Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof will lead to a complete removal of the current shingles, shake, or slate and replacing them with an entirely new set. Back in the day, people used to layer on new material, but this is not practiced as much anymore.

Step 1: Pre-Planning

The first tasks that need to be to effectively kickoff the construction project is to determine exactly what the job entails. Your roofing contractor will calculate the amount of material needed, the best approach for getting the rood replaced in a timely manner, and details on pricing and start dates.

Step 2: Property Protection and Job Site Preparation

On the day of construction, your crew will bring all the equipment and materials needed for the project. This might include parking a large dumpster in your driveway or beside your house to catch any of the old roofing or debris as they’re working. They will also lay down tarps and protection plywood around any areas of your home that need to be covered up like your siding, plants, bushes, or windows.

Step 3: Removing the Roof

Once everything is in place and ready to go, the crew will begin to strip or remove layers of your roof off the house and dispose of them in a dumpster. The reason why companies do not layer new shingles over old shingles anymore is because this prevents the new shingles from being properly installed and shortens the lifespan of your new roof.

Step 4: Deck Inspection

Before laying down any new materials, your contractor will do a walkthrough of your roof and make sure everything is cleaned up and inspected. They will be looking out for any weak or rotting wood, missing nails, or warped decking. If something is off, they’ll make the necessary repairs and replacements before new shingles are put in.

Step 5: Deck Preparation

Once your roof decking is good to go, the drip edge will be installed along the side of the roof. This is made of a metal material that keeps rain from getting underneath the roof. Heavy duty roofing felt, roofing caulk, and the ice and water shield if you live in specific areas are also layered onto the roof at this stage.

Step 6: Roof Installation

Once the proper protective materials have been installed, the contractor will move on to laying down the new roofing. They will start from the bottom and work their way up, overlapping materials so that everything fits well and deflects rainwater properly.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Your contractors will keep their work environment as tidy as possible and clean up after each day. Once the project is completed, they will do a finally cleanup of the work area, disposing of leftover materials, picking up loose nails, and removing trash. Finally, a thorough inspection of the roof will be done to make sure everything has been done correctly.

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